Friday, January 20, 2012

#3 | There are some surprisingly simple and natural things you can do to help boost your immune system and reduce your risk of catching a cold or the flu.

Tip #3 
Restful & Restorative SleepThe power of sleep; your immune system operates most effectively when your body is well rested. Although, our busy lifestyles dictate otherwise, and it may be somewhat trendy to operating with less sleep, research indicates that the body requires a minimum of eight hours of deep sleep each night. It is during this deep sleep phase that the body restores itself, hence the term “restorative sleep.” Making sure you are getting enough deep, restful, restorative sleep each and every night is one of the most powerful and supportive choices you can make in supporting your immune system and reducing your risk of catching a cold or getting the flu. The more rest and sleep your body gets the less likely that your body will succumb to the winter bugs that are around you in your everyday life, and/or the faster your body will recover if you are already fighting a cold or the flu. Happy zzzz.....
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