Monday, April 21, 2014

Detox | Don't Forget the Lymph System

Don’t Neglect This Powerful System When Detoxing 

Most cleanses focus on the colon and liver. However, another system in the body which has many repercussions if not addressed, especially to your immune system, is the lymph system. Sinusitis, allergies, swollen nodes, overweight, cellulite and frequent infections are just some of the signs that a lymph detox would be of benefit to you. 

A network of tubes and organs, the lymph system takes waste products away from the cells and also carries nutrients to them. It acts as a transport and filter system and includes the lymph nodes, the bone marrow, tonsils, appendix, spleen, thymus gland. It produces the cells of your immune system which circulate around your body in the lymph fluid. Working as a filter, it removes bacteria, micro-organisms and dead cells. It has no pump like the heart and the circulation of the 6 - 10 liters of fluid within the lymph system depends on muscle movement and breathing. The lymph fluid can become thickened and clogged up with toxins if we don’t drink enough fluid or exercise to keep it moving. Our ability to overcome illness and boost our immune system can be optimized by doing a lymph detox and this system is often overlooked in favor of the colon and the liver, but is equally as important.

Whatever detoxification route you take, the main point to remember is that detoxifying the body is not something to be done occasionally, but something to be done on a regular basis. There is a lot to gain from detoxifying your body and absolutely nothing to lose. It is also easy and affordable to do so; making it an absolute must.  

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