Sunday, February 5, 2012

Adaptogens Summed Up

We've had a great week of wonderful information on adaptagens as they relate to fatigue, memory and even sexual function in men. 

To sum up, while all nutrients are valuable and required for sustenance, only the adaptogen will prompt the body to release its own sluggish and often weakened powers of self-revitalization. Adaptogens help the body remain vital and healthy even under unfavorable conditions. Adaptogens affect the energy supply of cells in your brain, muscles, liver, kidneys, glands, nerves and just about everywhere else, energizing them and allowing them to function properly even when subjected to unfavorable and stressful conditions.

Also, there is a most important secondary effect of this normalization of the energy supply of the cells. All body cells are continuously renewed. This most basic function depends upon a pair of nucleid proteins known as RNA and DNA. An adaptogen energizes the RNA and DNA molecules to rebuild cells.

Taking an Adaptogen energy supplement is a natural way to improve the body's adrenal and immune function and ability to adapt to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue while having an overall normalizing and balancing effect. Herbs that have been around for thousands of years may help you meet the demands of today’s busy world and allow you to have the energy to enjoy life to the fullest.

In Health,
Naturally Botanicals