Saturday, June 28, 2014

This Week's Most Popular Product | RelaxAll

This Week's Most Popular Product  | RelaxAll by Professional Botanicals 

A Potent Synergistic Herbal Formula 
Natural Support for Stress, Tension, Aches, Pains & Strains 

  • RelaxAll has been a customer favorite for over 30 years! 
  • Customer's simply love this product. 
  • They order and re-order time and time again.

RelaxAll supports the body in symptoms of backache, back sprain, muscle spasm or injury, tension, stress, and menstrual cramps or PMS symptoms. Features a muscle relaxant to relieve spasms, a tranquilizer to relieve tension, a relaxant to relieve stress, and an analgesic to temporarily relieve pain.

Indications May Include:  Aches and pains, back ache, chronic pain, muscle cramps, sprains, lumbago, nervousness, sleeplessness and stress. Click here for more information.

This Month's Featured Product:
(available in 2 sizes)

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