Tuesday, December 3, 2013

An Ounce of Prevention for the Cold & Flu Season | Natural Immune Support

Cold & Flu Season | Natural Immune Support 
Natural Immune Support
for the Cold & Flu Season

Be Prepared...for the Cold & Flu Season 
Strengthen Your Immune System the Natural Way 

No Need to Dread this Year's Cold & Flu Season! Nip it in the bud...Concerned about this year's cold and flu season, or even worse, concerned about getting missing work? Don't have time to be sick? Get proactive and use these all natural herbal and vitamin formulas to stimulate your body's immune system, strengthening and boosting your effective immune response. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

On the road to recovery... Oops, too late! 
Already feeling the early signs of cold and flu symptoms coming on? Then, support your body with these all natural immune specific products, providing powerful antimicrobial activity and supporting your body to bounce back sooner. Get back into life quicker.

Naturally Support Your Immune System... 
Here's some great natural products to help you have a healthier Cold & Flu Season!

  • Immune Response Pack - 20 individual packets containing Viral Aid, Attack & Co-Resist 
  • Immu-Cell - A natural herbal immune-specific support formula 
  • Immu-Guard - An herbal formula supporting optimal immune function 
  • Viral Aid - A Chinese anti-viral formula 
  • Co-Resist - Naturally supports avoidance of cold and flu 
  • Attack - A natural way for the body to fight bacteria and viruses 
  • Lungs Mucus - A natural way to clear lung and bronchial congestion 
  • Colloidal Silver - All Natural Anti-Bacterial Mineral Solution

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The Naturally Botanicals Team