Sunday, December 2, 2012

From "Daisy's Reviews"...her spin on the Prep Tonic Detox Pack

Repost from "Daisy's Reviews"...her spin on the Prep Tonic Detox Pack. She loved it! She want she had to say.

I had this wonderful opportunity to review Prep Tonic Detox Pack 30 Packets, 10 Days Supply and 5 Samples of Vitamins of Alive, Sinus Allergi, Mental Clarity Extra, Energi and Relaxall. The detox is a 10 day supply and for the 10 days that i had been reviewing the detox i can't express how happy i am for the first day i taken the detox i noticed that it didn't give my any reaction nor any after taste also within the first hour i was already feeling the effect of the detox i first through out gas and then straight to the bathroom it unbelievable how this detox works so fast unlike other detox that i had tried before that would take me weeks just to get effects but with Prep tonic detox it was right away that it started working, within the first day it started working i felt lighter not sluggish nor fatigue i had lots of energy before i tried Prep tonic detox pack i was always constipated and when i tried Prep tonic detox pack within the second day my bowl movements are smoother than ever i didn't have to push it out it just came out naturally smooth i really love this detox the third day my bloating that i had in my stomach was going down i was feeling more uplifted the fourth day i was like a flush i was in and out of the bathroom the detox was flushing out all the junk that i eat but the detox was detoxing my body naturally which i love it was detoxing for all the days then the last day which is the tenth day of my detox i can't express how much energy i have now, how much better i look and feel im not fatigue no more. The detox naturally detox me that now my bowl movements are coming out naturally im not pushing out im not constipated no more i truly believe in this detox pack its like no other detox that had ever used before. The 5 samples of vitamins i received works very well they each provide the vitamins that i need for during the day that i needed it the most they all don't give my stomach aches like other vitamins does the 5 samples don't even leave any after taste like other vitamins that i had tired before does.
Im very pleased to review Prep Tonic Detox Pack 30 Packets, 10 Days Supply and 5 samples of Vitamins

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I was not compensated for this product however I did receive this product to try and review all opinions are my own. (Daisy's Disclaimer)

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